Steel Plant

Steel plants and foundries are among the toughest environments for bushing and bearing applications. The extremely dusty atmosphere in the melting plants contains particles from dolomite to furnace slag and furnace cement to several iron ores and quartz, with hardness ranging from 350 to 1000 HV. Once this highly abrasive dust mixture gets in between the shaft and the bushing, one can experience a drastic wear. In addition, ladles carrying melted steel are extremely hot, which makes grease lubrication very insufficient as the grease will easily liquify.

SBS’s LUB-MET® has proven to perform best in this harsh environment extending the uptime of e.g. the ladle trunnion bushing compared to the OEM equipment. Numerous field tests in various steel plants in South East Asia have proven its success.


SBS’s LUB-MET® is customisable to any shape that is required to fit the OEM dimensions. Furthermore, we also offer other standard as well as customised solutions for any bearing application around a steel plant, foundry or metal processing plant, like Arch-Furnace Lifting mechanism, Scrap Claw hinges and hydraulic cylinders, rolling mill (hot/ cold).

Our client can be rest assured that SBS recommendations will benefit the uptime of their machinery.

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